A Guide to Backless Bras

X - backless_brasBackless bras are truly a wardrobe essential for many times of formal and even everyday wear. Backless bras are designed to provide proper bust support without the use of a traditional bra back; they are typically worn with dresses or tops that have a low cut in the back or feature cut-outs in the back. If these types of garments are worn with a traditional bra, the back of the bra will be clearly visible. Backless bras remove this unsightly mistake by ensuring that no bra is seen—while the bust is still getting the right kind of support. The following is a handy guide to backless bras that will help you decide when you’ll need to wear them, and what type of backless bra you should purchase.

When You’ll Need Backless Bras

For the most part, you know when you’ll need a backless bra due to simple common sense. If the top of your dress has a back which starts close to the waist, as many formal and fashion gowns do? Wear a backless bra. If you’re top has a keyhole in the center that would expose an ordinary bra back? Wear a backless bra. If you’re top has a low cut back that reaches below where your ordinary bra back would rest? Then—wear a backless bra.

You may also want to look for a backless bra if you are wearing a halter top or a top where the back lines of your bra might be visible due to the material used on the back of the top or how tight the back of your top is against your body.

The Types of Backless Bras

There are actually several different types of backless bras. The common characteristic which will typically determine the type of backless bra is whether or not the bra is adhesive. Adhesive backless bras can only be worn by using adhesive (surgical adhesive is best—not only does it last longer, it is safe to use on skin). These bras are sometimes plunge bras, which feature a low plunging cup that may need the support of adhesive in order to remain in its proper place. Non adhesive backless bras are almost always combined with clear straps which go over the shoulder and fit snugly to help keep the backless bra in place without requiring the support of a bra back.

In most cases, adhesive backless bras are recommended for tops with very low cuts in the back, formal wear, and tops with low plunging necklines. The adhesive will ensure that the bra does not slip out of place while also ensuring that the chest has the right support; and because it is often used with formal wear, it is only being worn for several hours in a day rather than throughout an entire daytime period. Non adhesive backless bras are more often worn with casual and everyday clothing, primarily because bra adhesive can be time consuming to use and will need replacing after so many wears.

Fashion Must-Have’s: Staple Items

Clothes, just like real estate and automobiles, should be treated as long-term investments. They are assets that serve many purposes in our daily lives. This is why most people never want to compromise quality over the price. With that, here are four of the most important clothing investments that every women should have in her closet.

  1. The little black dress
    Every woman should have heard of it, and must have at least one in her closet. It is one of the most versatile items because it can be used at an evening party, a casual date, or even a day at the office. You can never go wrong with the most appropriate black dress for your body type.
  2. Heels
    A pair of heels can be a girl’s best friend. Other people even develop a fetish in collection a gazillion pairs.  Whether you’re attending a formal occasion, a birthday celebration, a friend’s wedding, or a formal interview, you can never go wrong with trusty staple heels. Be sure to have it in neutral color so you won’t have trouble pairing it up with any color.
  3. A Blazer
    A day at the park or just want to cover up? A blazer is another must-have for every girl. Long-sleeved blazers are perfect for a cold day or at a day at the office. It adds a sense of formality to any outfit, even if you’re in pants. You can choose a navy blue or black shade for a versatile matching.
  4. Denim
    A sturdy denim item should be present in every girl’s closet. It’s functional and can cover you up on a long day of activities. If chosen on the right size and fitting, it can be the most comfortable item in your collection. Although skinny, wide leg and boyfriend type of jeans are fine, it’s best to get the straight cut for a safe choice. Nonetheless, a high end denim is a good investment since they normally last for a couple of years with proper care.

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Hide in plain sight

Camo is in.  Everything is camouflaged these days – well, at least we think so.  The tricky thing about camo is that you can’t find it.  (That means that it’s doing its job.)  With the current trend towards hunting sweeping the social circles, everyone is turning up in camo: Bags. Phones.Shoes.Hats.You love to be in the woods, but you can’t live there.  Bring the woods to you and slip some camo into your everyday life.

You don’t need camo in the middle of the city or at your friend’s house but you still want to show off your camo style.  Without toting a gun in your briefcase, or putting a deer head on your wall, you can enjoy the comfort of blending in to your surroundings by wearing a camo shirt.

The Camouflage Jersey Tee is just what you need to hide in the concrete jungle.  This updated classic camo shirt gives you the perfect opportunity to stand out by blending in.  A pair of jeans, some combat boots and you will be ready for an adventure in the woods, or an adventure into town to watch the latest blockbuster release at the movies.  With its traditional army green and brown patterns, you will look as though you stepped out of the pages of the Hunting Guide.  The slim fit design and comfortable material will make it a shirt that you want to wear all the time – and since it is machine washable, you’ll be able to wash and wear it as often as you want.  With a cream collar and crew neck, you will be wearing a shirt that has style, and can help you disappear at the same time.

When you need to stand out, blend into the surroundings with a camo shirt.  This cool shirt lets people know that you’re someone who can be at home in both the country, and the city – and that you are ready to handle yourself no matter what situation you’re in.  Take your camo on a date, to the store, or to the guys night out at the local sports pub.  You don’t have to establish your manliness when you walk in wearing this shirt.  It says that you’re a guy who hunts. And does it with style.

Don’t be left out of the trend – add some camo to your closet and blend in.

Pretty Shorts for a Tailored Look this Summer

Zac-Spring-City-ShortsIf you’re looking to add to your summer wardrobe, why not try a pair of Zac Spring City Shorts from French Connection? These sophisticated shorts are a great addition to any girl’s closet and offer a great alternative to skirts and dresses.

The Zac Spring City Shorts can be dressed up or dressed down. If you’re opting for a more casual look, try putting them together with a super fine, body-skimming t-shirt, flat leather sandals and some simple gold or silver bangle bracelets. Or, if you want to dress them up a little, wear them with classic heels, a simple silk blouse and oversized sunglasses.

Made from a blend of 53% cotton, 44% polyester and 3% elastane, the Zac Spring City Shorts are comfortable and wearable without being too casual or sporty. They have a simple button closure and zip fly along with side slit pockets, one back pocket, turn-up hems and a subtle front crease at the leg. These little details dress them up just enough without making them appear too cluttered or bulky.

The Zac Spring City Shorts are available in sizes 6 to 16 ad have an inside leg length of 9.8 cm. They aren’t too short or too long, making them a great fit for taller or shorter girls. If you machine-wash them cold, they’ll retain their shape and color and stay looking gorgeous.

You’ll love the versatility of these classic shorts. Their chic, understated design and neutral color mean they go with a wide variety of different tops, shoes and accessories in a vast array of colors. In particular, you could choose a sophisticated and refined look by including them in an ensemble that’s totally neutral or features pastel shades. You could also spice the Zac Spring City Shorts up by partnering them with a white or brightly patterned tank top and one of the season’s very hottest, on-trend candy colored handbags.

While some may question the £46.50 sale price of the Zac Spring City Shorts, it is important to remember three key points. First, their versatility means that you’ll get a lot of wear out of them this summer – they could go with virtually anything. Second, their quality material and manufacturing mean that, with the proper care and washing, they will last you a considerable amount of time. And three, their classic styling means they aren’t a fad that will be out of style by the time warmer weather rolls around again. You could easily pull these shorts out of the closet next summer and have an up-to-date look with the hippest shoes and accessories then. All points considered, these shorts are well worth the price.

Whether you’re heading out on an exotic vacation or sticking close to home this summer, you want to look and feel your best. If you add the Zac Spring City Shorts to your wardrobe, you’ll look on-trend all season long and feel great as a result. I highly recommend trying the Zac Spring City Shorts when you’re having fun in the sun.

When You’re Feeling Slouchy: Nouveau Mix Striped T-Shirt

Nouveau-Mix-Striped-T-ShirtWho says you should never wear horizontal stripes? This Nouveau Mix Striped T-Shirt breaks all the traditional fashion rules by mixing and contrasting its small and wide-set stripes for a cool pattern mix that stands out from feet — dare I say, yards — away.

When you’re in the mood to feel more comfy than sexy, simply throw this slouchy tee over denim and go on over to the gym or off to that manicure/pedicure appointment you’ve made with the friend you haven’t seen in eons.

Good value for the money

This 100% cotton T-shirt is worth its weight in cotton, featuring a scoop neck in the front that shows off those collarbones you love. The short sleeves are wide and generous enough not to feel too tight, usually, and the patch pocket at the chest takes on a slightly different sized pattern than the striped body.

Those contrasting smaller stripes at the sleeves and at the pocket speak to the fact that this isn’t your run of the mill 100% cotton tee.

Be prepared for bigger

When you look lovingly in the mail for your package containing this striped tee that you’ve ordered, make sure you are expecting a slightly larger size than other sleek, tight-fitting shirts you may have in your current wardrobe, or have ordered previously that describe themselves as form-fitting.

This isn’t that shirt. This is the large-running and slouchy shirt that’s forgiving and allows you to eat that extra piece of pizza without a whole lot of guilt.

How to counteract the baggy fit

Because this shirt runs on the larger, slouchier side, you might consider pairing it with a slimming pair of skinny pants, or jeggings, if people even still wear those, for a lazy day spent lounging around on the couch catching up on your favorite DVR’d shows, or whilst writing a bunch of blog posts.

Doing so might help you not look like a complete slouch — although this shirt contains such a fashionable design that no one can accuse you of not caring for your appearance while you wear this ensemble.

Or go the opposite direction…

Another styling choice would involve going completely oversized from head to toe, with this larger T-shirt set against pants that run on the large size as well. Throw on a cap and head on over to the corner cafe on a rainy day for lattes with the one you love.

The shoes and purse to complete the look

As far as purses go, a nice sized bulky black leather satchel or something chunky with a handle should go well with this slouchy T-shirt. Nothing too fancy or teeny like a sparkly clutch, but something just as big and bold could hold up against the shirt in a complimentary shade.

In terms of the shoes to wear to finish off the look, a pair of ankle boots might be nice, especially ones that contain the kind of block-styled chunk designs to go well with the horizontal and geometric nature of the shirt.

What it looks like from behind

You won’t find any keyholes or pockets or anything funky on the back of this shirt, but the design of the lines carries onto the back, with the large stripes still in the middle and the smaller stripes continuing onto the sleeves, as seen from behind.

The good part about the large sizing of this shirt is that it carries through in length as well, with the shirt generally being able to cover all the parts from behind that girls usually like to see covered, including any bare skin caused from low-rise jeans.

Beauty Photography Trends that Clients Should Consider

The technical aspects of hiring a beauty photography service involve evaluating the package and the price, the equipment used and the availability of a studio and support staff. However, as a client, you need to take a look at the creative factors as well. You would want the artist that you hire to create truly impressive works which have a unique vibe and set your product and brand from the rest. Knowing the latest trends in this art will certainly help you evaluate the creativity of different professionals and choose the one best suited to work on your project.

 beauty photography

Striking colours – This is a beauty photography trend which has been around for quite some time. The artists use intense shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, purple and green to make their works attention-grabbing and dramatic. The bright colours are extremely easy to notice no matter whether the image is in a magazine or at a shop’s window. Once they catch a prospect buyer’s attention, the person will take a closer look at the details as well.


Perfect details – Beauty photography is not just about presenting a gorgeous image. It is about achieving perfection in every respect. When you look at a photograph for advertising makeup, for instance, you will be able to see the contours of the lips perfectly and each lash. It is invaluable for your clients to associate your brand with perfection.


Provocative images – Often, you really have to break the traditions in order to get noticed. This tactic has been proven to work in the beauty and fashion industry. You should not hesitate to use provocative images showing a more extravagant and artistic side of beauty.

 beauty photography example

Vintage style – This is one of the latest trends and it seems to be here to stay. Photographers go back to the classics and focus on the feminine and exquisite rather than on the unisex.


You are now better prepared to choose the right beauty photography service provider.

Beauty Photographers – How Can You Distinguish the Really Good Ones?

Beauty is related to fashion: having nice and fashionable clothes is important in fashion but make-up and cosmetics will bring the final touch to an outfit. Therefore beauty photography and fashion photography are linked to each other. There are many beauty photographers offering professional services but not all of them can give you the same kind of quality. At the same time, most clients do not have the technical and creative knowledge to compare different artists and their work effectively. That is why you need a reliable method for recognizing the person or people who can do the job that you have perfectly.




The good old method of asking around still works brilliantly. Find contacts in the beauty and fashion industry and ask them to recommend some beauty photographers. You can also ask people who are in advertising. If you do not have many professional contacts that can be of help, you can turn to people who are devoted fashion fans and even better photography fashion fans. They will certainly be able to come up with a few names to help you out in your search.


The web is an excellent source of information which will be of great help to you when you are searching for a photography artist. Your task here is not only to find a number of fashion photographers who advertise themselves on the internet. You should research their work in greater detail. Check the websites of beauty product brands and fashion magazines that the professionals have worked for. You should be able to find their works in the sites’ archives.

The social networks and the fashion blogs are great sources of information as well. You should be able to find all kinds of details on each photographer and their work. Try to find opinions of clients who have worked with the professional. That way, you will get details on their work methods, punctuality and communication skills. This will certainly help you make the best choice.


At the end of your research, you should have at least three or four names on your list. Then you can contact then and arrange a personal meeting to discuss your project.

Womens Knitwear a very popular fashion trend

Womens Knitwear17Womens knitwear is a very popular fashion trend that allows women to easily layer, and transition their looks from the warmer months to the cooler months. As always, womens knitwear promises to be a huge trend this year, from summer to winter. Here are a few fashion tips on what to look for in each of some of our favorite pieces of knitwear this year:


Cardigans are no longer for the office, and no longer for simple evening wear. Also, the name of the game is no longer simple, monotone cardigans. Instead, look for cardigans with great embellishments, like pops of color, crocheted sleeves, crocheted cardigans, cardigans of lace, or those with asymmetrical hemlines. Waterfall hemmed cardigans will be big this year, as will those with many of the embellishments mentioned above. Even cardigans in neutral colors often not feature embellishments that include patched elbows, or fringed sleeves. If you want to look your absolute best in cardigans this year, no matter the season, be sure to go for ones that add just a bit of flair to your wardrobe, and do not just match your clothing in color.


Sweaters are another must-have item when it comes to womens knitwear. Sweaters this year will be bright, with neon colors, unexpected prints, digital prints, or stripes. Some may even feature bold black and white prints, or colorful Womens Knitwear18ethnic prints. Many of these looks are not form fitting, but, instead, a bit slouchy. It seems that necklines like the cowl neck and turtleneck will also continue to be a big fashion hit this year. You will want to have a few different options, from cropped sweaters to pullovers, to choose from during the cooler months.


Jumpers are another huge trend in womens knitwear this coming year. These garments are ones you pull over your shirt for extra warmth. Bright, embellished, or crocheted jumpers promise to be some of the biggest style trends when it comes to jumpers this year. Feel free to pair these with skirts, denim, trousers, even over top of dresses. Just like cardigans, most of these jumpers will feature fun prints, patterns, or colors. These include lots of stripes, digital prints, almost ethnic designs, and more. Go for big and bold this year when selecting a jumper. Some jumpers may be long enough to be worn almost as dresses, while others may be cropped in style.

An introduction to high fashion photography

Being in the high fashion photography business includes being surrounded by models, agencies, clothing, bookers, designers and chaos. High fashion photography can come in several different forms such as a magazine shooting or shooting a client’s line of clothing for the new season. High fashion photography is a difficult business to be involved in so every tip can help.


When doing a shoot for high fashion some very important steps can be utilized. Many photographers prefer a head shot and body shots of the models; this allows for the photographer to envision the model with different makeup and outfit choices. Making the right makeup and outfit choices is the key to a good photograph. In high fashion photography you want beauty and in order to create this beauty you need your photograph to flow. Having a great choice of clothing and make up can impact this flow immensely.


Quality high fashion photography also needs a great background or setup. One of the most important decisions is to consider where to have a photo shoot that will accent the model and the fashion style. Another important part of photography is for it to look natural. Some models have a natural ability to create this affect, but some models do not. It is a good idea for photographers to meet with their models before the shoot starts to go over the different types of photos that will be taken. This will help models act more natural on camera.   High fashion photography is a complex business that can be hard to achieve, but with hard work comes great reward.

Lace dresses: the Latest Trends to Consider when Shopping

If you are looking for a stylish and beautiful garment for a special occasion, you will undoubtedly visit the store’s section with lace dresses. They are so feminine and delicate that they make you look and feel like a princess. You will undoubtedly draw all the attention when you enter the room. Picking the right item will not be a difficult task when you are familiar with the current trends.

In traditional lace dresses, the lace layer is typically set over some type of lining. The lining is usually made so that the intricate pattern of the lace can stand out. However, at present designers experiment boldly with the lining layer. They use fabrics such as chiffon and satin to give it a unique look and appeal. They also set the lace and the lining as two separate individual layers starting and ending at different points. Consider all of these whimsical effects when shopping for lace garments.

The lace dresses are becoming more versatile. There are semi-formal fit and flare models which are ideal for family occasions and for juniors who will attend a dance. The shift lace models are ideal for parties and for clubbing. You can consider such a model even for the office especially if you have a more artistic job. The sheath lace models never go out of fashion. They are the ideal choice for women who want to achieve red carpet glam without being flashy.

The above-knee length rules the scene at present. In fact, many of the models are fairly short and this adds to their exquisiteness. Many of the mini models have been inspired by the boho chic fashion and by the classic baby dolls.

Bright colors are a major trend in lace dresses which you should certainly follow. Red, orange, pink, turquoise, yellow, coral, violet, julep and violet are among the most hip options. Do not hesitate to add some color to your style.